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Looks like another successful moose hunting season in New Hampshire

Wednesday 10/28/2020

Last evening New Hampshire Fish and game Department moose biologist Henry Jones (603-744-5470) sent me the 2020 moose hunting season results. 
Looks like the hunt went well with an overall success rate of 75 percent. 39 moose were taken including 29 bulls and 10 cows. 
As usual and expected the success rate in Northern New Hampshire was considerably higher than further south in the state:
  • North region 87 percent success
  • Connecticut Lakes region 100 percent
  • White Mountain Region 60 percent
  • Central Region 67 percent
  • Southwest Region 33 percent
  • Southeast Region 60 percent.
Henry says that moose hunters this year seemed to stay at it longer than past years with some moose taken on nearly the last day of the nine day season. All in all it was another very successful moose hunting season in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire moose kill 2020, NH Moose Season Results for 2020

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