New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

Vintage Illustration of Grey Wolf.

Chapter X, Predators, Wolf and Coyote

From History of NH Game and Furbearers by Helenette Silver, Research Clerk, NH Fish and Game Dept. 1957

Quite prolific, and possessing few animal enemies, the wolf, Cams lupus lycaon, was extremely common in all parts of New England at time of discovery. It was of “divers coloures some sandy coloured, some griselled, some black (Morton 1637). Except in the very early days, when black wolves were especially valued by the savages, the pelts have been of little commercial value. Morton (1637) wrote than an Indian would gladly exchange 40 beaver skins for the pelt of one black wolf, and Wood (1634) stated that a black wolf was valued by the Indians at five or six pounds sterling.

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