New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

Moose - Photo is from History of NH Game and Furbearers by Helenette Silver.

Chapter VIII, Big Game, Moose

From History of NH Game and Furbearers by Helenette Silver, Research Clerk, NH Fish and Game Dept. 1957

The moose, A Ices alces amencana, with its odd physique and awkward shamble, presents a rather ridiculous appearance, and seems to have been equipped by nature with either too little or too much of everything. Small wonder that Josselyn (1672) described it as a "monster of superfluity" Sometimes adjudged stupid by those who are impressed with grace, beauty and sartorial splendor, the moose is, as a matter of fact, of the intelligentsia. Because of this it has survived longer than most species, but its intelligence has made it easier prey to hunters than the more stupid deer, whose reaction to a given situation can not be predicted.

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