New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

Mountain Lion - Photo is from History of NH Game and Furbearers by Helenette Silver.

Chapter X, Predators, Panther (Mountain Lion)

From History of NH Game and Furbearers by Helenette Silver, Research Clerk, NH Fish and Game Dept. 1957

The panther, Fells concolor, is a beast of many names, most frequently referred to in New Hampshire history as catamount, but sometimes known locally as "Indian Devil" or "Carcajou", under which appellations it is confused with the wolverine, which may have never existed in the state. In other parts of the country it is variously called mountain lion, cougar or puma, the latter name has been generally adopted. The voice of the panther has been variously described, and many of the inhuman screams attributed to it originate from other sources, notably owls. Panthers are reputedly less noisy than the commoner wildcats or lynx.

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