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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2020

Oct 19 My New Rain Gauge was Nearly Full This Week. Twice read the note
Oct 15 The NH Fish and Game Department releases the results of the current bear season (VIDEO) read the note
Oct 09 Have You Tried Talking to a New Hampshire Moose? (VIDEO) read the note
Oct 06 It's Still Cricket Time in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Oct 01 What a week of transition here in New Hampshire read the note
Sep 30 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department In-season Deer season Results (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 29 It's Hunting Seasons in New Hampshire for Grouse, woodcock, ducks and geese. (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 26 Trees are Turning Color Overnight. read the note
Sep 24 New Hampshire Nature Notes. Spectacular Foliage Already. (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 23 New Hampshire Bear Hunting Season Results to Date (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 21 New Hampshire Dairy Farmer Stewart Yeaton on Drought Impacts on His Crops (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 18 What a difference a week can make this time of year. read the note
Sep 18 New Hampshire Fish and Game Bear Biologist Talks Counting Nuts (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 14 Wildlife is draining from New Hampshire Right Now (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 11 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Bear Biologist- Take 3 (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 09 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Bear Biologist-Take 2 (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 08 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Bear Biologist Take 1- History (VIDEO) read the note
Sep 03 We are cooling down day by day it seems. read the note
Sep 02 The Legacy of Mink the New Hampshire Black Bear.(VIDEO) read the note
Aug 31 New Hampshire First Moose Hunt in 1988 (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 27 It's Fall Hunting Time in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 24 On the verge of some big wild changes here in New Hampshire. read the note
Aug 24 The Summer Doldrums are soon coming to an end in New Hampshire with wildlife soon to be migrating.(VIDEO) read the note
Aug 18 Finally a break in the heat wave. But not the drought. read the note
Aug 17 Take Action Now to Help Save Our NH Dairy Farms from this Drought.(VIDEO) read the note
Aug 16 New Hampshire's Drought may be impacting out native Brook trout. (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 13 My mothers secret hot dill pickles recipe revealed tonight. (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 12 New Hampshire's mother foxes are looking for food for their kits even during the day.(VIDEO) read the note
Aug 05 Lots of crickets and grasshoppers to feed New Hampshire's wildlife right now. (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 03 The thick summer's night air is filled with the sounds of crickets. read the note
Jul 31 Oh To Be the Top of a Tree.(VIDEO) read the note
Jul 30 New Hampshire Fish and Game Department bear biologist looks back at July 1981. (VIDEO) read the note
Jul 28 The heat is on. Everybody is in hiding. read the note
Jul 18 We are going to be cooking the next several days! read the note
Jul 14 What's that Smell? (VIDEO) Someone illegally dumped fuel oil on New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Land. read the note
Jul 10 And the summer sizzle is on. read the note
Jul 09 Where did the chipmunks go? (VIDEO) read the note
Jun 24 The summer heat is on! read the note
Jun 18 Sizzling Summer is here. read the note
Jun 11 Our long days are bringing so much life to New Hampshire. read the note
May 29 Won't you help grandma turtle get across the roads in New Hampshire. (VIDEO) read the note
May 27 Heads up. Dopey young moose are on the move in New Hampshire RIGHT NOW! (VIDEO) read the note
May 26 On the cusp of a heat wave. read the note
May 25 Black bears are on the move in New Hampshire right now. (VIDEO) read the note
May 19 A sizzling summer on the way read the note
May 08 I can practically hear the leaves bursting from the trees. read the note
May 06 New Hampshire female deer are on the move.(VIDEO) read the note
May 04 New Hampshire's Spring is Booming! (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 14 New Hampshire's Foxes. Red and gray foxes (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 13 A warm spring rain drenching all that I can see. read the note
Apr 04 Pandemics and NH Animals (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 02 Much needed rain and spring just seems to be ever so slowly coming on. read the note
Mar 30 Do New Hampshire Bears Hoot? (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 27 Green shoots and daffodils. Just when we need them most. read the note
Mar 26 Here in NH (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 20 It's Spring in New Hampshire. Our wildlife is on the move.(VIDEO) read the note
Mar 11 Winter is loosing its grip on New Hampshire by day now. read the note
Feb 07 Amazing Chick-a-dees in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 30 It's Mid Winter in New Hampshire, but Spring Like Today. (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 29 Giving You My Secret Place Where I have watched Numerous River Otters in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 22 What's happening this winter in New Hampshire right now. (video) read the note
Jan 20 Turkeys were back in big numbers since we got snow last week. read the note
Jan 15 New Hampshire's Seven Sleepers are sleeping this winter away. (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 02 New Hampshire fish and wildlife changed in many ways in the last decade. (VIDEO) read the note

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