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by Eric Orff

The Regular NH Deer Hunting Season Begins Wed. Nov. 11, 2020 (VIDEO)

Tuesday 11/10/2020

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Regular Deer Hunting Season Starts Wednesday November 11, 2020. New Hampshire's forests will fill with about 50,000 deer hunters this week. All hoping to fill their freezers with some organic wild venison. We can expect our New Hampshire deer hunters to take at least 10,000 deer this year which will equate to nearly 2,500 tons of fresh organic venison in their freezers. As a result of the pandemic hunting license sales are up this year. Hunters and non-hunters will be sharing the woods with more folks than usual this year. Don't forget to put on that hunter orange hat when heading out to hunt, hike, mountain bike ride or any time you get out in the woods for the next month or so.

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