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Record Bear Kill in New Hampshire In 2020.

Tuesday 11/03/2020

Bear hunters have killed a record 1,075 bear in New Hampshire. And the season is NOT over. Parts of the state, where the public has asked for a reduction in bear numbers, the season continues until the end of November. Not likely more of a big run up as many bears have likely gone into their dens with most others soon to follow. Our bears will be Getting Out of Dodge sort of. It's just that they will be hiding in plain sight. As you hunt deer this fall you will be seeing numbers of bear dens. You just won't know that it is right in front of you as you go around it. Maybe a pile of brush? A large wind tipped tree? Maybe some slash by a recent logging job? 
New Hampshire Fish and Game Department bear biologist Andy Timmins reports that;
203 bears killed in the North Region
328 in White Mountain Region
316 in the Central Region
219 in Southwest1 and 2 Areas
9 in the Southeast Region

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