New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Much needed rain and spring just seems to be ever so slowly coming on.

Thursday 04/02/2020

Two weeks ago the daffodils in the northeast side of my lawn seemed to jump right out of the ground. And there they set today. Green as ever but not a blossom to be seen. What's up with that. We have been running a little cooler than average for the last week or so. But actually the month of March turned out to be above average for the month. So we are into the usual see-sawing of early spring. I hope we get a little for saw than see next week. 
lots of birds are singing mornings now. What a welcomed sound this sure is under these our home confinement. I have been at least sitting outside to read on the sunnier days. Trying to absorb what spring has been thrown this way. The farmers hay field across the road has been greening up ever so slowly this week as well. But it now at least is more greenish than brown. Another welcomed sight. The red maple buds have exploded this past week and the poplars have fingers of catkins hanging from all the branches. More welcoming sights. Yes spring is here. But just creeping in so you really need to focus to see the changes. But mark my words. The next run of warm days and days of sun is going to kick spring into high gear. So hold on to your hats. Yes it may even be pretty windy.
My local woodchuck hung around this morning for a while. I bet she is more disappointed than me that things are not greening up quicker. I haven't seen a deer in town in weeks. And most of the local turkeys' have dispearsed. I see the occasional wanderer. A week ago a whole band of adult toms ran up the road one afternoon. I have not seen them since. So my wildlife sightings have been pretty sparse this week. And since I'm hardly driving much I guess that just adds to my lack of sightings. No spring peepers here yet. It was a week ago that I heard my first ones in Concord. But since then it has turned kind of chilly no doubt quieting even them down.
The cork will pop any day now. Get ready for the explosion.

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