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New Hampshire Trappers are our unsung heros. (VIDEO)

Wednesday 10/30/2019

New Hampshire trappers are our unsung heros for a whole host of reasons. New Hampshire trappers have worked with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for decades in many ways. First they helped trap live fisher for the first attempt at restoring wild turkeys to the state in 1968 when 26 fisher were traded for live turkeys from West Virginia. Trappers have gone on to restore viable fisher populations to Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and otter too, to Pennsylvania. Trappers have provided fisher, otter, mink, bobcat, coyote, beaver and fox carcasses for disease and DNA testing. Most town road agents count of our local trappers to help them curb problems from beavers flooding roads. Usually for free! Trappers serve our communities and fellow citizens is many, many ways. Trappers are the unsung heros among us.

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