New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes 2019
by Eric Orff

Dec 05
New Hampshire's effort to restore turkeys in 1969 may have been successful. (VIDEO)
Dec 04
New Hampshire in-season deer kill to date for 2019 (VIDEO)
Nov 21
NH Fish and Game Marine biologist Doug Grout-take 2 (VIDEO)
Nov 20
Long, long days tranquilizing NH DEER (VIDEO)
Nov 19
New Hampshire Deer Kill is 9,217 so far. (VIDEO)
Nov 14
New Hampshire Fish and Game Walt Stevens interview (VIDEO)
Nov 13
New Hampshire Fish and Game says 5,851 deer killed so far this season (VIDEO)
Nov 05
New Hampshire deer kill at 4,027 to date. Could set a record. (VIDEO)
Nov 01
New Hampshire Muzzle-Loader Deer Hunting Season Starts 11/2/19 (VIDEO)
Oct 30
New Hampshire Trappers are our unsung heros. (VIDEO)
Oct 29
New Hampshire Fish and Game turkey biologist Ted Walski interview. (VIDEO)
Oct 28
38 moose killed in 2019 New Hampshire Moose Season (VIDEO)
Oct 25
New Hampshire Nature Notes for late October 2019 (VIDEO)
Oct 24
New Hampshire "Youth" Deer Hunting weekend starts Saturday October 26th (VIDEO)
Oct 21
Climate Change Impacting New Hampshire Moose (VIDEO)
Oct 16
New Hampshire Nature Notes for mid October (VIDEO)
Oct 14
New Hampshire's first moose hunt in 1988 (VIDEO)
Oct 11
New Hampshire bear kill update. (VIDEO)
Oct 10
New Hampshire wildlife biologists band ducks every year. (VIDEO)
Oct 09
New Hampshire wildlife slip, slipping away right now. (VIDEO)
Oct 05
New Hampshire acorns, apples and moutain ash abundant this fall. (VIDEO)
Oct 03
New Hampshire Archery Deer Kill Down 22 percent in 2019 (VIDEO)
Oct 02
Record hatching for New Hampshire Bald eagles in 2019. (VIDEO)
Sep 30
New Hampshire wildlife biologists to stock 11,000 pheasants. (VIDEO)
Sep 22
Brake for Snakes for Godsake (VIDEO)
Sep 19
Good night Mrs. Woodchuck. See you next April (VIDEO)
Sep 09
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department spent decades restoring beavers to New Hampshire (VIDEO)
Sep 06
Horse crap and bear hunting in New Hampshire (VIDEO)
Sep 06
Monarchs moving south toward Mexico right now in New Hampshire (VIDEO)
Sep 04
Snakes coming out of our toilet! (VIDEO)
Sep 04
NH Fish and Game Department waterfowl biologist says there are about 1,600 goose hunters (VIDEO)
Aug 23
New Hmapshire Fish and Game Department wildlife biologist band dozens of ducks each fall (VIDEO)
Aug 22
Walking with New Hampshire black bear cubs. (VIDEO)
Aug 20
Restless birds abound
Aug 20
New Hampshire Fish and Game biologist have brought even bass to fish for over the years.(VIDEO)
Aug 14
Talking to New Hampshire Moose (VIDEO)
Aug 12
What are you nuts? Counting nuts in New Hampshire (VIDEO)
Aug 10
A sky full of dragon flies in Epsom New Hampshire (VIDEO)
Aug 01
August is Bug Month to me.
Aug 01
New Hampshire's Bug Month is August.(VIDEO)
Jul 31
Mountain Lions in New Hampshire-Fact or Fiction (VIDEO)
Jul 24
New Hampshire Wildlife -Then and Now (VIDEO)
Jul 19
Pouring on the heat this week
Jul 16
Heading into the likely hottest week of the year.
Jul 16
Bear, moose, goose and fisher,fox and pheasants all have been guests at my home. (VIDEO)
Jul 16
The Spooky Weird Woods Place (VIDEO)
Jun 28
Looks like we may hit 90 degrees today
Jun 21
Woo hoo. Summer is here by noon today.
Jun 13
Another soggy cool day here in Central NH.
Jun 07
Baby wildlife will be getting restless in NH.
May 31
Feeling more like spring today
May 31
Watch Out! New Hampshire's baby wildlife are out and about. (VIDEO)
May 28
Smelling Spring in New Hampshire (VIDEO)
May 24
Spring in full swing.
May 17
We have a little whip lash going on today.
May 10
Chilin Out again today
May 03
Apr 24
The color is coming back to New Hampshire!
Apr 18
Poof. The snow is gone and the peepers are peeping
Apr 11
Winter still holds on at times. Searching for that ray of sunshine.
Mar 19
Yes we are headed towards spring.
Mar 19
Slowly creeping into spring
Mar 17
Time to "moose" the candidates
Mar 16
On the cusp of spring
Mar 16
On the cusp of spring
Feb 11
Looking more like spring than winter.

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