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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2019

Aug 12 What are you nuts? Counting nuts in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 10 A sky full of dragon flies in Epsom New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
Aug 01 August is Bug Month to me. read the note
Aug 01 New Hampshire's Bug Month is August.(VIDEO) read the note
Jul 31 Mountain Lions in New Hampshire-Fact or Fiction (VIDEO) read the note
Jul 24 New Hampshire Wildlife -Then and Now (VIDEO) read the note
Jul 19 Pouring on the heat this week read the note
Jul 16 Heading into the likely hottest week of the year. read the note
Jul 16 Bear, moose, goose and fisher,fox and pheasants all have been guests at my home. (VIDEO) read the note
Jul 16 The Spooky Weird Woods Place (VIDEO) read the note
Jun 28 Looks like we may hit 90 degrees today read the note
Jun 21 Woo hoo. Summer is here by noon today. read the note
Jun 13 Another soggy cool day here in Central NH. read the note
Jun 07 Baby wildlife will be getting restless in NH. read the note
May 31 Feeling more like spring today read the note
May 31 Watch Out! New Hampshire's baby wildlife are out and about. (VIDEO) read the note
May 28 Smelling Spring in New Hampshire (VIDEO) read the note
May 24 Spring in full swing. read the note
May 17 We have a little whip lash going on today. read the note
May 10 Chilin Out again today read the note
May 03 Brrrrrr read the note
Apr 24 The color is coming back to New Hampshire! read the note
Apr 18 Poof. The snow is gone and the peepers are peeping read the note
Apr 11 Winter still holds on at times. Searching for that ray of sunshine. read the note
Mar 19 Yes we are headed towards spring. read the note
Mar 19 Slowly creeping into spring read the note
Mar 17 Time to "moose" the candidates read the note
Mar 16 On the cusp of spring read the note
Mar 16 On the cusp of spring read the note
Feb 11 Looking more like spring than winter. read the note

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