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New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Friday 10/07/2011 Right on the edge of frost last night.

We were so close to a frost last night. I'm sure my garden got hit, but here a mile north and a lot closer to the Suncook River I see no frost. There is not much left to the garden any ways, just my cabbage and bruised sprouts. No frost worry there.

I did get out for the opening day of the duck season with my son-in-law to a local beaver pond. No ducks for me. As it got light I realized I was surrounded by empty beer cans, some in the water and some scattered in the bushes about. Only two wood ducks made a pass close enough for a shot to no avail. I found a big plastic bucket not far away and spent a few minutes cleaning up the mess of cans and trash. So all I bagged opening day of duck season was a pail of empty beer cans. I added them to the Friends of the Suncook River can recycling trailer Wednesday morning and took the trailer in for emptying. In less than ten minutes I had the 500 pounds of cans shoveled out at Advanced Recycling in Concord and a check for $200 for the FOSR. I added up my hauls so far this year and already I have recycled 2400 pounds of aluminum cans for over a thousand dollars to the account. I generally empty the can trailer ever other month.

I did get out pheasant hunting a couple times with my son-in-law and two grand daughters. In fact yesterday we had quite and entourage. My daughter and here friend and three kids joined us as the kids wanted to see someone actually hunting. Our tour of the local pheasant release site was quiet an experience with five kids along peppering us with questions about our shot guns and practically everything in sight. And what a year for wild grapes. The loaded vines around the field have actually toppled the trees they climbed. I had my granddaughter Erin, age five, stand in the cluster of grapes for a picture.

As we made our circle back to our cars the dog went on point and up went a nice cock pheasant. A quick shot from my brought the bird down with a shower of feathers drifting back over the group. What excitement broke out and they all wanted to handle the dead bird. All the kids were under age eight. And now ere more wound up than before. I'm sure most will remember this instant for years to come. I know I will.


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