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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2011

Dec 22 It's "ice in" on the Suncook River in Epsom read the note
Dec 21 Winter arrives. Skim ice, frozen tracks and a puffed up chickadee give it away. read the note
Dec 07 Skim ice, no ice, skim ice, no ice, skim ice...no ice... a vicious cycle. read the note
Dec 01 Where are the ducks? And back to the Suncook River dam removal site. read the note
Nov 21 A river's silence is broken read the note
Nov 11 Interesting date and so much to cover read the note
Oct 21 NO frost yet at house. read the note
Oct 07 Right on the edge of frost last night. read the note
Sep 30 Summers a wrap. Right? read the note
Sep 14 A century of pickle making in progress. read the note
Sep 09 Color me fall read the note
Sep 02 Irene shmyrene, not much of a storm here read the note
Aug 25 Canning pickles today read the note
Aug 11 Wonderful summer nights with crickets blooming read the note
Aug 04 Striper fishing and walking the Suncook River read the note
Jul 28 Shark fishing for big blue sharks read the note
Jul 07 Back from the west coast. read the note
Jun 27 Still on a weather roller coaster read the note
Jun 17 Spring? Summer?? Which is it? And Erin's first snake. read the note
Jun 08 New Hampshire’s Outdoor Businesses, Sporting Clubs and Guides Urge Congress to Protect Clean Air read the note
May 27 Of lilacs, tree frogs and summer at last. read the note
May 13 Spring is Well Underway read the note
Apr 28 Toadly Awesome Day Yesterday read the note
Apr 05 GAME CHANGERS read the note
Mar 30 Only 12 Miles to Spring read the note
Feb 28 Counting down the days of winter. read the note
Feb 03 Winter, Winter everywhere..Not. read the note
Jan 17 In the depth of winter read the note
Jan 06 A summer/winter week read the note

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