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by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Its raining leaves.

Friday 10/15/2010

Today's heavy rain and blustery winds are driving lots of leaves off the trees, especially the maples. What wonderful colors we have had with lots of blue bird days the last couple of weeks. But as with all things time marches on and it is time for this year's crop of leaves to be added to the forest floor nourishment. I had my first killing frost here Tuesday night and a more severe one Wednesday night. But my cherry tomato plant against the south side of my house has survived thanks to a covering each night. At this rate I may still be eating fresh tomatoes on November first. But my garden is gone. I was picking fresh green beans right up to a week ago.

I haven't checked my rain gauge yet but I bet we have at least an inch of rain. Only twice since early May has my gauge been over an inch full from a storm. So this is much needed rain despite the fact that it is stripping some trees of their color. Perhaps the reds and oranges will be diminished but the various shades of yellows on the oaks and aspens are just showing now. So we will have color for at least a couple more weeks.

I spent a few days at my camp in Maine over the holidays. Oh how peaceful life is there. As usual I was the only boat out on the lake in my four day stint. Bass and pickerel were active and biting well. An osprey and I shared the lake fishing one sunny warm afternoon. Though the bald eagle was not seen by me. At dark each night a hundred or more geese came to roost on the lake for the night, leaving at dawn each morning. How they gaggled overnight each night replacing the melodious calls of the summer loons.

I haven't seen a frog or toad in more than a week now. I guess they have gone to bed for the winter. I did happen upon a Blandings turtle down in the state Park while bird hunting the first week of the month. Life is slowly ebbing from our forests and wetlands as night chill and the sun looses it's day time power and warmth. Yes NH is going to sleep. Bats and bears are soon to follow.

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