New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes 2010
by Eric Orff

Dec 13
Is it winter yet?
Dec 01
The gray days of November and it's a wrap.
Nov 17
Didya get ya deera yet?
Oct 15
Its raining leaves.
Oct 04
My Three O'clock Shadow
Sep 16
The endless summer continues
Sep 03
First clouds if Hurricane Earl sweep overhead at 9:00 am. And playing with bats.
Aug 18
Tracks and scats and what's on the menu this week.
Aug 12
A little welcomed rain this way at last.
Aug 06
Bone dry brooks and a sliver of the Suncook River slides past my house.
Jul 29
Pickled-Sweltering in this hot and humid summer's day
Jul 16
Hot, humid dog days of summer are two weeks early.
Jul 08
Tiny Tot Toads Trundling along. And color me brown
Jun 18
The heat is back on and on a snake hunt this morning.
Jun 08
The affects of climate change are so evident this year.
May 27
The heat is gone, but the trees are still looking very dead.
May 21
A lady slipper walk on a summer's day.
May 12
Reflections of wild trout and passing on traditions.
May 06
Bumble Bee Me
May 04
Of turkeys, DUK boats and lilacs in blooming.
Apr 23
The toads are coming. The toads are coming (and trilling).
Apr 16
Sweet spring -great days outside.
Apr 09
Spring has sprung and is on the run.
Mar 31
Another week and another flood here.
Mar 23
First frog of 2010
Mar 18
Another 100-year flood on the Suncook River and my crocuses are blooming
Mar 15
Our snow is gone and bird calls are filling the air.
Mar 03
The sun has won! Yet another flood on the Suncook River
Feb 21
It's ICE OUT on the Suncook River
Feb 17
The Sun is winning. The sun is winning
Jan 20
Life below the winter snow, entering the depths of winter.
Jan 14
The dead of winter and the ice is great for fishing.

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