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by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Falling into fall with falling temperatures. Still no frost.

Thursday 09/17/2009

Still no frost here in Epsom. I remember when I first moved here and until the 90's you could pretty much guarantee a frost the first or second week of September. While it has cooled down quite a bit the last couple of weeks we have not even come close to a ting of frost let alone a killing frost. Consequently my garden is still coming along pretty good except for the plants dyeing of old age I think. Although some of my tomato plants right by my house seemed to have died overnight. I'm still picking nice green beans and my corn has finally come in in numbers though the ears are kind of stunted. Some come back from when the neighbors cow cleaned it off to the ground back in June.

But the red maples all about are turning quickly now. It is always amazing how quickly summer can turn to fall. Last evening the Friends of the Suncook River held their annual meeting on my neighbor's deck right at the rivers edge. Right on cue during our election of officers a beaver swam down the river and smacked his tail on the water like a gavel to move our business along. A warming fire was need to keep the evening chill at bay. Rick and I spent much more time on the deck feeding and poking the fire in the pit long after our meeting had adjourned. All in all things are pretty quiet along the river.

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