New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes 2009
by Eric Orff

Dec 31
It's ice fishing time in NH. And year end wrap up.
Dec 18
Mother Nature tucked the Suncook River in for the winter under a white sheet of ice last night.
Dec 10
Winter has arrived on the Suncook River in Epsom
Dec 03
Where are my birds? And it is spring-like today.
Nov 23
Awesome possum, slinky mink, prickly porky and more in store this week.
Nov 12
Deer Camp 09 and DEER SEASON
Oct 30
Subtle changes this week.
Oct 23
Color and life seems to be draining from here right now.
Oct 13
Fall flying by as the leaves are already raining down in the rain showers.
Sep 29
The wonders of life around us. Lobstering today.
Sep 23
The first day of fall. Colors galore!
Sep 17
Falling into fall with falling temperatures. Still no frost.
Sep 09
A once in a lifetime find of a baby spotted salamander and camp life is so sweet.
Sep 02
Birds of a feather shed their feathers together.
Aug 11
Obama Portsmouth town hall meeting crowd. Who are they?
Aug 07
Summer at last. Enjoying the warm summer's eves.
Jul 31
Will the garden produce this summer? If it smells like the sea....
Jul 23
Of gorgeous green grasshoppers, tiny tot toads and my little bug girl. The circle of life is forming.
Jul 14
busy summer so much to do and so little of it left.
Jul 08
The Monsoons have not let up yet.
Jul 03
Rain, rain go away. And don't come back any day soon.
Jun 23
Rain, rain go away rewinding back into spring
Jun 11
Chilling out after a long dry spell.
Jun 05
Bring on the frogs. Where are the frogs? Where have they gone?
May 27
From a rocket launching to launching into summer.
May 07
Sweet, sweet smells of my plume tree blossoming and toads trill away.
Apr 27
Summer has arrived. The sweet smell of fresh tilled soil in the garden and giggling grand daughters in the dirt.
Apr 17
Its just ducky here
Apr 10
Sweet, sweet spring sounds, sights and smells and special moments.
Apr 03
It's Raining frogs and toads and salamanders.
Mar 26
NH the sleeping giant awakens. Life rains from the sky this week!
Mar 16
The giant awakens! Spring has arrived!!
Mar 06
Where oh where is spring?
Feb 27
Downwind and dirty; living in the shadow of a coal fired power plant stack.
Feb 26
Where's spring???
Feb 20
Old Sol is winning!
Jan 30
Snow that confines is all about.
Jan 15
Zeroing it out! Shivering chickadees.
Jan 09
Global Warming Article: Why Iím Working On Global Warming
Jan 08
Global Warming Article: Changing climate puts New Hampshire fish and wildlife at risk.
Jan 07
Global Warming Article: New Hampshire River Herring On a Downhill Slide
Jan 06
Global Warming Article: Are You a Bear or a Bobcat? Whatís Your Carbon Paw Print?
Jan 05
Another two weeks and another full circle

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