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by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Summer at last. Enjoying the warm summer's eves.

Friday 08/07/2009

Wow, what a week. Finally some real summer weather with even some warm summer nights to be out and about. I did get over to the sea one evening to watch the moose rise out of the sea just as the sun set to the west. And me perched on a granite ledge watching the moon rise as the waves massaged the granite at my feet and my mind as well. Just to my left (north) the flat face of the granite ledge sent waves of spray shooting into the air above me but a good south breeze kept the spray at bay from me. Around 9:30 I had a bit of a bite but for the most part the crabs and lobsters were the ones dinning on my bait. But at 10:00 pm on the dot, and just as I was getting ready to leave, a fish nearly jerked the rod from my hands. Line suddenly peeled off my reel and then the fish was gone. This kept me on my perch for another hour as the tide crept ever closer to my feet. Fireworks shot into the sky south of me and I could see the flicker of a bon fire on the beach in the distance. It was a great night to enjoy the best that this summer has had to offer.

The sweet smell of fresh cut hay envelopes my house as the local; dairy farmer has cut the hay across from my house the last couple of days. We are in a string of dry days that were more than welcomed by the local farmers. It is just what my garden has needed as well. I've picked my beans twice just this week and my cucumbers are coming in bucket fulls. But my tomatoes are still hanging as green as ever on the vines. Thanks to the three cherry tomatoes on the south side of my house at least I have a few to pick every couple of days.

Last evening I was at rivers edge with my friend Rick on his deck on the Suncook. By 10:00pm the warmth of the fire was more appreciated. How quickly the days are growing shorter. Nights will be growing much cooler in just a week or two. How the spider webs will glow in the morning sun painted by the overnight dew.

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