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New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Wednesday 09/24/2008 Fall is quickly coming on

Last week I spent the week in sunny, and very hot and muggy, Orlando Florida with my daughters family. We had a great time with my granddaughters at Disney, but pretty much had to get back to our hotel mid day out of the high temperatures and humidity. I did catch a snake while down there. One morning as we left our huge complex of buildings in our resort, Port Orleans, I spotted a small snake on the walkway. I went for it, but not before recognizing it as a non poisonous ringneck snake. Just a little fellow. But how any snake could still exist amongst all the pavement, no doubt lots of pesticides, and buildings and traffic is beyond me. But there it was.

I also was amazed how quickly you can get between Manchester and Orlando. It was just over a two hour plane ride down as we had a tail wind that knocked close to a half hour off our trip.

Back at home here over the weekend I sure welcomed the change in temperature and humidity. It has been in the 60's here with only a 50 percent humidity. Lots of color on the red maples since I left on the 12th. The "swamp maples" around the wetlands have all completely changed color. I could see this as we approached Manchester from the air. The red oaks across the road from my house are casting down acorns with a constant thumping sound. Yes we are well into fall even if the calendar says only by two days.


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