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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2008

Dec 23 A white Christmas no dream. read the note
Dec 19 Only hours from our official winter with our first major snow storm minutes away. read the note
Dec 04 Yo yo weather, temperatures and water levels in the Suncook River read the note
Nov 20 The Suncook Rivers is wearing the cloaks of winter. read the note
Nov 06 Frogs and me up a tree and deer season reflections. read the note
Oct 29 The smell of snow is in the air today and October woods are looking like winter woods read the note
Oct 24 Undressing the Suncook River, getting ready for winter read the note
Oct 17 Ooo, la, la what colors. And ADD ducks read the note
Sep 29 Reflections of color and time. How both are so fleeting. read the note
Sep 24 Fall is quickly coming on read the note
Sep 09 Another year and another 100-year flood on the Suncook River read the note
Sep 05 The summer heat is on read the note
Aug 19 A bear hike and hidden waterfalls on the Suncook River. read the note
Aug 11 The neighborhood gossips have gathered outside my window this morning, but are strangely silent. read the note
Aug 01 Of Frogs, toads and a tornado in Epsom, what a week! read the note
Jul 22 Rain, some much needed rain leads to a cool and quiet NH read the note
Jul 11 Silent sultry summer read the note
Jul 01 Simmering in summer heat with a cool evening on the Suncook River read the note
Jun 19 Retreating tree frogs, great bass fishing. read the note
Jun 12 More moose than antlers, a fishing streak and a heat wave breaks today. read the note
Jun 06 Climate Security Act Voted on Today read the note
May 29 Toads at full trill and lilacs in full bloom. read the note
May 14 Write your Senator. Write your Senator today. read the note
May 08 Toads trilling, peepers still peeping, marsh marigold in bloom and the Suncook River has completed its second avulsion. Oh yes, and my peas are in. read the note
May 01 May Day 08, Of salamanders, frogs and a bucket of wood frog tadpoles. read the note
Apr 22 Winter to summer in a week; Beer drinkers are good conservationists. read the note
Apr 16 A sole spotted salamander and wood frogs quaking in Concord. read the note
Apr 04 My first smell of spring was this week. read the note
Mar 27 Spring really is here! read the note
Mar 17 Signs of spring and a final winter get away. read the note
Mar 07 Spring thaw?? read the note
Feb 29 The snow keeps going, and going, and going read the note
Feb 22 New Hampshire Sportsmen Take Aim at Congress: Global Warming Threatens Hunting, Fishing Traditions read the note
Feb 14 Eric Orff goes to Washington. read the note
Feb 08 Got Ice? Let it snow, let it snow,let it snow. read the note
Jan 30 Rain showers dampening piles of snow. and a real summer week. read the note
Jan 17 Winter weather and lots of snow, but the brooks are not frozen. read the note
Jan 09 Record temperatures yesterday and a warm drizzle today is melting the snow quickly. read the note

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