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New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Thursday 09/16/2004 Ducks, geese and more.

Yesterday we banded ducks, almost all mallards, at a site in Farmington. We have been doing preseason banding at this site for over a decade. Ed Robinson announced that we had captured 62 ducks once the banding was done. What amazes me is how few of the ducks sported leg bands from previous years. I only saw 4 or 5 with older bands. We did have only one black duck in the lot. So despite the fact that we have been banding here for years, nearly all the ducks were new to this site. A significant number were adults; the ones you would expect as recaptures.

Frequently folks feed waterfowl and soon they become "their ducks." People usually think they are feeding the same ducks year after year. This is simply not the case as there is a huge turnover in individuals over time. Our banding proves it time and time again.

There have been numbers of small flocks of resident geese moving about the last couple of weeks. It seems like the ducks are beginning to flock up as well and move restlessly at sunset.

We've had one of the longest stretches of sunny, but not hot, weather, that I think we have had all year. It seems nice to be able to work outside in such perfect conditions. The local farmers sure have been taking advantage of the dry condition by making hay or silage. Although the complaints I have heard from the farmers is the second crop is kind of sparse due to the poor growing conditions. Outside sounds are at a minimum save for the glorious crickets of the night. Even that will soon be snuffed by a thin layer of frost that is melted by the mid morning sun.


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