New Hampshire Wildlife News
by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes 2004
by Eric Orff

Dec 28
The big chill was back.
Dec 22
Oh deer!
Dec 20
River Otter on the Suncook River
Dec 16
Ghosts of winter are sweeping towards me.
Dec 13
Back from a Florida vacation
Dec 03
Green fields under a gray sullen sky in the south and snow
Nov 30
Turkeys at sunrise and a buck at sunset.
Nov 22
Slowly slipping into winter with a few fall hiccups along the way.
Nov 17
Suncook River sorrow scene.
Nov 12
Back to the deer bio checking station and a 3-legged deer.
Nov 09
The chill is on!
Nov 03
Near gale force winds are stripping even the oaks today.
Oct 31
A New Hampshire ghost deer for Halloween.
Oct 29
Only Spam left for the birds. Last pheasant stocking for the year in NH.
Oct 24
I'm being watched again. Crows are watching me.
Oct 21
Where's the moose?
Oct 16
Leaves are raining down into the Suncook River.
Oct 11
Full fall splender in Epsom.
Oct 04
My return to Little Cohas Marsh Londonderry where the swamp maples have all turned red and orange.
Oct 01
Pheasants galore and more.
Sep 24
Summer seems to be here to stay.
Sep 20
Ivan the Has-been
Sep 16
Ducks, geese and more.
Sep 13
You gotta know when you got it good! And Restless frogs and dragon flies
Sep 07
Glorious Fall Temps.
Sep 02
A long day on Great Bay
Aug 31
Weird, Wacky, Weather with us lately.
Aug 25
A fish kill at the China Mill Suncook
Aug 23
A cool kick off to the AM.
Aug 18
Crickets roaring outside tonight.
Aug 16
Needed rain and the Second Annual Suncook River cleanup.
Aug 14
Swallows are migrating south.
Aug 10
Great Great Gogama!
Jul 24
Spotted an osprey on the Suncook River last evening. Nest?
Jul 23
Watching Katie my 7 month old grand daughter today.
Jul 21
Back on the roller coaster ride of weather.
Jul 18
The Toad Invasion Has Started.
Jul 14
Mid way through summer and it is put on hold.
Jul 11
A gray fox scream pierces the still night air.
Jul 07
Another Peaceful Morning.

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