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New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Wednesday 09/26/2007 It's 70 degrees at 7:00 am. What's up with that?

Today started out way warmer and more humid than I can ever remember a day just 5 days out to the opening day of NH's bird hunting seasons. Way too warm if you ask me. I'm actually starting to feel not only uncomfortable with the unusually hot and dry weather, but I'm getting a sickening feeling in my gut that this effect of Global Warming is going to change my life. And I am even more worried about the life my two grand daughters will have. Today is predicted to hit a record high temperatures well into the 90's. Come on this is nearly October.
My concerns fit well into what I have been up to the last three days. By invitation of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) I spent Monday and Tuesday in Washington DC learning more about Global Warming and ways that it can be countered by proposed Federal legislation. The trip was topped off by visits to the two NH senators office in DC to talk with staff (briefly with Senator Sununu, but Gregg was too busy) about my concerns and I asked him to support legislation that will reduce the US impact on Global Warming. I am particularly interested in having our NH senators sign on to support the new Warner-Lieberman 2% annual carbon reduction Bill. This would reduce the carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Senator Gregg's senior policy advisor Vanessa Green and Senator Sununu's legislative assistant Grant Bosse were both open to our discussions and gave us all the time needed to fully express our views. By the way "our" included NWF staffers Catherine Bowes and Steve Wright, who helped me stay on track. The focus of our discussions was on how Global Warming has already affected fishing and hunting in NH and how future impacts will be terrible. I told these staffers about my winter visits to the Sport Shops in southeast NH over the last two winters. No ice meant NO ICE Fishing for much of the winter. It was devastating to the Sport Shop owners I have known for decades. For me Global Warming is REAL and is happening NOW and is dramatically affecting hunting and fishing.
I am teaming up with the National Wildlife Federation specifically to bring the concerns that I, and others, have about the impact of Global Warming on the future of hunting and fishing in NH. In fact the NWF is looking for 20 volunteers who would be willing to assist me to bring this message to NH hunters and fishermen. Please contact me at eorff at aol dot com if you would like to volunteer.
Last week I had my second annual trek along the Suncook River with St. Anslem professor Dr. Barry Wicklow and a group of his students to show them how the Suncook River changed its course. The hike took us nearly three hours as the students, with all those extra eyes and inquiring minds, pulled us this way and that. I always learn so much myself on these hikes.


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