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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2007

Dec 31 A Record December Snow is Falling read the note
Dec 17 Walks in a winter wonder land. read the note
Dec 06 Winter has arrived in a sleigh. read the note
Nov 30 New Hampshire’s Restless Bears read the note
Nov 23 Winter arrived this week, then left us. read the note
Nov 16 November Crickets sound a warning read the note
Nov 06 A carbon copy of last year? read the note
Oct 19 Full splendor of colors on a warm foggy fall day. read the note
Oct 11 A steady rain of three days has given voice to the local brooks. read the note
Oct 09 Media Advisory - New Poll Challenges Myths about NH Sportsmen read the note
Oct 04 Where's fall? It's still summer in NH. read the note
Sep 26 It's 70 degrees at 7:00 am. What's up with that? read the note
Sep 20 Sunshine, schools of juvenile alewives and sweet stripers. read the note
Sep 13 The drought is broken by two days of rain. read the note
Sep 05 Drought is going on to a month, rivers and lakes are dropping. read the note
Aug 27 The summer doldrums are upon us. read the note
Jul 18 Settling slowly into summer. read the note
Jul 12 A stalled weather front has given us spectacular lightening. read the note
Jul 03 Summer and fall in the same week in NH. read the note
Jun 13 Tree frogs in full chorus and waist high grass to mow. read the note
Jun 06 Super weekend of fishing and how the Suncook River is changing before my very eyes. read the note
May 31 A very eventful birthday, and frogs fill the night with sounds. read the note
May 25 It's a wrap! My career that is. read the note
May 16 Of toads, peepers and birds galore. The sky, the trees and the earth is full of life, plump full. read the note
May 08 Leaves are popping, birds and frogs are singing, life is so grand this time of year. I'm trying to take it all in from sunrise to well past sunset. And I got my first turkey this year. read the note
May 02 Salamanders, frogs, snakes, ducks, turtles, a mink, turkeys, deer and an antler drop; Oh my! read the note
Apr 25 Three days full of surprises and adventures with spring in full swing. read the note
Apr 18 I saw the bear, I saw the bear, and oh yes, an osprey carrying a fish too. read the note
Apr 17 The "Storm of the Century" has left the Suncook River flooded. read the note
Apr 12 Spring is on hold as winter returns and weird skeleton. read the note
Apr 03 Of snow geese and more snow expected. read the note
Mar 30 Deer, ducks, geese, gobblers and more. How sweet it is! read the note
Mar 27 It's "duck week" in NH. read the note
Mar 21 Spring break, NOT, a break from spring though. read the note
Mar 14 Thank you Rokon and spring robins roaming. read the note
Mar 08 BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, record freezing temps! read the note
Mar 01 Turned around in a deer yard... inside a development! read the note
Feb 24 Topping of the week with a flock of turkeys to boot. read the note
Feb 21 Warming up at last and a turkey, a goose 179 ducks and hopefully more turkeys. read the note
Feb 18 Sun, fun and fishing. read the note
Feb 07 A deep freeze and a disappearing deer. read the note
Jan 27 Got Ducks? Looking at the bottom side of zero! read the note
Jan 23 The dead of winter sends my mind to far away places. read the note
Jan 16 And so this is winter, it finally is here. read the note
Jan 09 It's spring, it's spring! read the note
Jan 03 Winter came and left and flying for ducks. read the note

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