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by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Early fall to almost summer-like conditions prevail this week as we continue to cook our planet.

Wednesday 11/02/2022

I know Halloween was two days ago, but as I walked back towards my house this morning, after fetching my newspapers, a scarry view could be seen. There setting happily on my front steps are two geraniums. While no longer blooming, the greenery is a bright as ever. NO HARD FROST here in Central NH yet! That's just not right. My recollections and certainly my daily diaries tell me that a hard killing frost usually hit here by early to mid-September in the 1980's, soon after I moved here. By the first week of September a sheet was on hand to guard my tomato plants I grew along the south side of my house from a mostly sure-thing frost. So how is it we are looking at, at least another week with NO frost likely here, let alone a killing frost. Now is time to double down on our efforts to dampen climate change. 
Won't you join me by asking our President to double down on action on pollution by signing a National Wildlife Federation Solution for Pollution petition. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK to sign the petition.

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