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by Certified Wildlife Biologist, Eric P. Orff

New Hampshire Nature Notes
by Eric Orff

Quenching rain at last.

Wednesday 09/07/2022

Well. Well. Well. Finally, some Mother Earth quenching of thirst rain. All three of my rain gauges here show just over two inches of rain from the two-days long soaking. And yes, it was a rain that fellow slowly and gently so it could indeed slack the forest floors. This was four times the amount. of rain I have measured since March. I think there were only three other rains with a half inch each that really amounted to anything. Yes, we've had a few two and tree tenths sprinkled in.

I have been tracking the effects of the Drought of 2022 on the Suncook River I live along, plus some of its tributaries as well as a few shots of the Merrimack River itself. While flows never ceased even in the small brook down the road from me, that has actually STOPPED flowing in three of the last seven years, it was but a mere trickle for a few weeks now. I do need to get down there today for a look.

Our largest of three dairy farms here in town sadly sold off the herd a couple weeks ago. We have fewer than a hundred dairy farms left in New Hampshire.


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