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by Eric Orff

Sailing Through the Summer of Lots of Hot Air.

Tuesday 08/16/2022

Looks like another 80's day. I can live with that.  Afterall it is summer. And what a summer it has been with over twenty days now 90 degrees or hotter. Came within spitting distance of a hundred a few times, not that the spit would have landed. New Hampshire on average over time had thirteen days of 90 degrees a year.
And then there's the drought. Yes, the drought of 2022. Just following the drought of 2020 and 2021. In fact in one of the two interesting articles in today's Concord Monitor on the droughts it points out the droughts of 2016 and 2017. So, droughts her in New Hampshire in five of the last seven years. Hummm. Out in the southwest a mega drought since 2000. Twenty-two years now. I did a Facebook video about my thoughts on that yesterday afternoon. One study done at a University out there suggest that in three or four years the water for 40 million people may completely run out. So my question is "Where are the 40 million going to move to when they have completely exhausted the water there and have made life for humans impossible there." What will be the impacts on our already stretched natural resources, fish and wildlife and their habitats? "How many of these Climate Refugees will be moving to your towns and cities? I think we here in the East need to not only take more interest in our local waters and habitats, but also be more aware of what is happening out west. I think droughts in five of the last seven years needs to weigh heavy on how we now use water and what are the current impacts that need to be better managed. 
We are kind of in the Summer Doldrums. Bird sounds mostly replaced by crickets. I have yet to hear a cicada. Down back the green frogs are still sporadically picking at their banjos. Not quit the tempo of them a few weeks ago when the movie Deliverance came to mind some nights. I'm still using my app Merlin to help identify birds about even if I can't hear them. Generally, I can only hear two of the half dozen birds Merlin claims are about at any given time. So nice to know they are here. The indigo bunting and Red bellied woodpecker were two I hadn't seen here in a while. Didn't see them then either. Let's not forget that some birds, swallows and hummingbirds will be casting off and heading south any day now. And yes, I am now seeing small clouds of flocking birds flash across the sky like a windshield wiper crossing our view as we drive in the intermittent rain. Not that we've had much of that this summer. 
I've been documenting the impacts of this year's drought on our local river and streams. Maybe some rain tomorrow. Sure can use some relief for our farmers and wildlife. 

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