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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Thursday 05/24/2018 Green, green, green is the world around here now.

While fall certainly has some spectacular colors I think spring is a close second. Not with red and oranges and such but the hillsides here in Epsom this time of year are swathed in colors. But they are all green. But so many shades and hues of green. Pastel peak populate our town this time of year. Its just amazing how many different colors green can be when I cast my eyes on up towards Fort Mountain as I turn on to Short Falls road on my way home. And the lush green sense just fills me with hope for a long and wonderful summer that lays ahead. 

And it is not just the trees bursting with life. Over the next few week there is and will be more life than at any other time of the year. From frog and toad eggs hatching to birds and just about every other animal is giving birth right now or has over the last few weeks. New Hampshire is busting with babies. Every possible living thing is trying to pass on their genes to the next generations. From the acorns that fell last fall, now bursting into a seedling, to our mighty moose, life lives on with hopes for their offspring.

And I've helped by planting my garden with the help of family over the last week. Last Thursday my daughter came down to help plant and brought along tomato, cucumber and squash plants to plant. My wife pitched in as well and my 94 year old mother came out to lend us encouragement and some helpful hints. " Don't forget to put some Epsom Salts under those tomatoes" she chimed in .

In record time we had planted three rows of corn, two of potatoes plus a row of cucumber seeds. And a half dozen of the tomatoes my mom had started this winter. I planted another couple rows of beans yesterday plus some chard, cabbage and radishes to round out the garden. Plus I hooked up my automatic sprinkler to keep things watered.

How the birds have been calling and singing this week. Another peak nesting time for most of our birds, residents and those that have just migrated back, like our warblers. Yes the air is full of song. And my lilacs are in full bloom. It fills my yard with fragrance. What a time to be alive and soak it all in. I hope you are too.


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