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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2021

Apr 12 Brilliant yellow photons pour into my eyes from a patch of daffodils tucked into the base of a nearly three-hundred year old stone wall describing my northern boundary. read the note
Apr 09 Pregnant Gray Squirrels are Wild In NH Today (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 08 Maples are Wild in NH Today. Look, look at them bloom. They are getting redder by the hour. (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 05 Lady Bugs are Wild In NH TODAY. Please help save our Lady Bugs TODAY. (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 04 Black Bears are Wild In NH Today. Make sure your bird feeders are down. (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 03 Eastern Phoebes and Woodchucks are Wild In NH Today! (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 02 Robin's were Wild In NH Today. And they were all migrating north at a steady pace. (VIDEO) read the note
Apr 01 A Pileated Woodpecker is Wild in NH TODAY. (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 31 Pussy Willows Are Wild In NH Today (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 24 Spotted Salamanders are Wild In NH Tonight (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 21 Migrating Birds Are Wild In NH Tonight (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 15 American Woodcock are Wild in NH Today (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 11 Redwing blackbirds are Wild in NH Today. They are back! (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 05 Friday. Brrr. Can't seem to shake this winter chill despite what I know lies just ahead. read the note
Mar 04 Fisher are Wild in NH Today. Fisher are common in NH. (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 03 A Snowy Owl is Wild In NH Today (VIDEO) read the note
Mar 01 Hooded Mergansers Ducks Are Wild In NH Today (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 28 Wildlife Sounds are Wild in NH This Morning (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 27 Secretive Wildlife Shows Up Just As the Ice Starts To Melt (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 26 Bald Eagles Are Wild on Great Bay in Winter (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 25 Wild Turkeys Are Wild in NH This Afternoon (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 24 Ducks Are Wild in NH Today. (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 22 Winter is at hand. We are in the depths of winter. read the note
Feb 21 What's NH Wildlife Eating This Winter (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 19 NH Wildlife Coping With Winter. (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 17 checking winter conditions for our deer in Central NH this week. (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 14 Love Is In the Air On Valentines Day in NH (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 09 Episode 22, Biologist Eric Orff part 2 (PODCAST) read the note
Feb 07 Get Outside in NH and Find a Deer Antler (VIDEO) read the note
Feb 03 Another dusting of snow is powdering the trees and power lines out my window. read the note
Feb 02 It's Groundhog Day in New Hampshire. (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 31 Live Free And Hunt Podcast read the note
Jan 27 New Hampshire's Wildlife is Thinking Spring (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 21 Day 31 with Temperatures Running Above Average. read the note
Jan 21 Winter Has Disappeared from NH's Great Bay During My Lifetime (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 15 New Hampshire's Last Mountain Lion (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 12 Tim Moore Outdoor gives us some tips on ice fishing in NH (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 08 Half in and half out of winter read the note
Jan 06 It's Time To Do a Better Job Protecting Our NH Rivers, Streams and Brooks. (VIDEO) read the note
Jan 04 New Hampshire's Seven Sleepers. Our Winter Sleepers (VIDEO) read the note

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