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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2014

Dec 12 On the edge of spring again. read the note
Oct 31 Gray is the day in kind of a mid November way read the note
Oct 24 Its pouring down leaves. read the note
Oct 16 The kettle top is rattling! read the note
Sep 20 The sounds of fall fills the air here. read the note
Sep 10 Climate Change Is Impacting Those Who Can Least Afford It in New Hampshire. read the note
Aug 14 Slipety Summer read the note
Aug 08 The silence of summer is deafening read the note
Jul 24 Oh To Be the Top of a Tree! read the note
Jul 11 Silence, total silence right now. read the note
Jun 24 The sky is on fire tonight with fireflies read the note
May 16 Poof we have leaves read the note
May 02 S.l.o.w.l.y creeping into spring. read the note
Apr 26 Spring waits for no one read the note
Mar 26 Dodging another Nor 'Easter (I pray). read the note
Mar 14 On the road much of the last three weeks south of here with winter looking to hold us in his grip a while longer. read the note
Feb 21 Locked in by winter's grip. read the note
Feb 04 The calm before the storms and plenty of fish to catch. read the note
Jan 23 Brrrrrrrrrrrrr and we have a conundrum here. read the note
Jan 16 Its spring out there..maybe not. read the note

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