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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2012

Dec 19 Where's the ice? It's Christmas and no snow or even any ice. That's not right. read the note
Dec 13 Dirtiest Oil on the Planet” is Moving toward New England read the note
Nov 30 Tis' the Season for Greetings read the note
Nov 09 Flip switch on, we have snow, 12 hours later, switch is flipped off and the snow is gone. read the note
Oct 26 A murder of crows at hand. read the note
Oct 10 The leaves are tumbling down. read the note
Oct 04 Just ducky today read the note
Sep 19 A ting of fall in the air and on the trees. read the note
Aug 24 Out of the drought? Hints of fall at hand. read the note
Jul 31 Summer is Skipping by read the note
Jul 18 Sand dunes in the Suncook River. Heat wave and drought continue. read the note
Jun 27 Plenty of rain, streams are up and fish and frogs are happy. read the note
Jun 20 NH Heat Wave Too Hot for New Mother Moose read the note
Jun 07 Rain soaked NH and a very busy time of year. read the note
May 17 NH is full of life right now read the note
May 14 Spring is so sweet. read the note
May 04 Rain, rain go away. read the note
Apr 12 Rain at last at night. Salamanders on the move read the note
Apr 05 On the cusp of mid spring read the note
Mar 27 If Only Moose Could Vote. read the note
Mar 20 It's time to think frogs and salamanders in New Hampshire read the note
Mar 14 Back from summer-like temps in Florida only to have them here next week. read the note
Mar 09 Back to spring in just one day read the note
Feb 24 Got ice? NOPE! read the note
Feb 16 Bare Bear Brook State Park read the note
Feb 08 A 100 flag day and check, check, check that ice read the note
Jan 29 March-ing into February read the note
Jan 16 It's "ice in" on the Suncook River in Epsom read the note
Jan 05 Got safe ice? And a NH Snow Drought read the note
Jan 01 Got Ice? Silent Swing: On Trips Through NH, Candidates Failing to Talk Conservation read the note

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