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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2006

Dec 28 A little ice around the edges, but winter held at bay so far. read the note
Dec 19 What weird weather. Wicked warm! Where's winter? read the note
Dec 11 A flickering candle light sails across the sky. First ice? read the note
Dec 08 Yee-ha the roller coaster of a fall is in a free fall today, and I'm staring at the bottom. It's snowing! read the note
Nov 30 Thirty years and counting at NH Fish and Game. read the note
Nov 28 A newt for Thanksgiving Day read the note
Nov 21 First skim ice of the winter today, but a warm up is due read the note
Nov 13 A never ending summer/fall?? read the note
Nov 09 Another 3.2 inches of rain, the Suncook River floods again. read the note
Nov 02 Another deluge of rain and leaf stripping winds; Looking a lot like winter woods. read the note
Oct 26 Cool, cool, cool NH and the moose watch is on. read the note
Oct 24 Naked New Hampshire read the note
Oct 16 The Wooly Bear stampede is on! And our first couple of hard frosts. read the note
Oct 11 The Suncook River is ablaze with color as are the hill sides. read the note
Oct 04 Of migrating monarchs, gaggling geese and getting the best out of the last summer's day. read the note
Sep 26 Yee ha, I'm on a wonderful roll going into fall. read the note
Sep 22 Magnificent monarchs mob Hampton Beach State Park read the note
Sep 16 A warm rain is falling tonight sending swarms of frogs across our roads. read the note
Sep 14 Swamp maples in full fall display. read the note
Sep 07 A brief trip back to summer with a slow roll into fall. read the note
Aug 29 Cool, calm, silent as we slide into fall. read the note
Aug 24 Still toadless, katydids on the move and the grand Suncook River tour. read the note
Aug 15 Standing on top of a school of stripers, and vanishing vernal pools in Epsom. read the note
Aug 06 Walking through a sea of crickets and grasshoppers. read the note
Aug 04 Heavenly rain on a very hot earth. read the note
Jul 28 A 30th anniversary for me and returning threatened mussels to the Suncook River. read the note
Jul 26 I remain toadless here but have seen them elsewhere and some great fishing fun. read the note
Jul 19 Bring on the toads. Where are the toads? Suddenly, they are not here! read the note
Jul 12 The prehistoric looking Suncook River and tracking turkeys. read the note
Jul 07 Summer sounds (stillness) stripers and a new sand bar. read the note
Jun 29 A goose in hand and a deer a day the last week or more. read the note
Jun 28 An inch of rain Monday has put the Suncook River into a low flood condition. read the note
Jun 19 Got Geese? And it's a jungle out there. read the note
Jun 16 Fishing and watching and working with real flying fishermen. read the note
Jun 09 A nice snaky day. read the note
Jun 08 Yesterday's rain brings my gauge to 2.2 inches, and the river floods the corn field yet again as it runs brown. read the note
Jun 01 The Suncook River draws me near again. read the note
May 31 The tree frogs own the night, and first fire flies. read the note
May 25 Sand,silt, more muddy waters and less water in the exposed channels. read the note
May 23 A week and a day since the Suncook River changed course the river still runs chocolate. read the note
May 18 The Day the Suncook River Flowed Upstream During The Great Motherís Day Flood of 2006! read the note
May 16 A day with an environmental catastrophe on the Suncook River! read the note
May 15 The Suncook runs chocolate. read the note
May 10 Toads and peepers dominate the night sounds in a sea-saw fashion. read the note
May 04 Turkeys, ducks, geese, red efts, a toad orgy and the biggest snapping turtle I have ever seen. Top it off with toads trilling tonight. Life is good! read the note
Apr 30 Glorious Spring! read the note
Apr 27 It's hot, hot, hot in Florida and cool, cool, cool here. Not much for birds or bees to see. read the note
Apr 20 Ducks, geese and a whole truck load of turtles. read the note
Apr 18 Heading headlong into summer it seems. read the note
Apr 13 Ducks at dawn and the spring drought continues. read the note
Apr 10 Frogs galore and more this week. read the note
Apr 02 Katie's first fish today and salamanders on the move Saturday night. read the note
Mar 31 A trip to see the Washington D.C. cherry blossoms and more. read the note
Mar 27 This one will be called read the note
Mar 24 A winter/spring drought and a slew of salamanders soon to be slipping across our roads. read the note
Mar 17 Here's to spring! read the note
Mar 12 Sun spring and lots of outdoor time. read the note
Mar 07 Seeping sap, it's spring..yess! read the note
Mar 01 Deer, ducks and more ducks this week. read the note
Feb 22 Thankfully a turkey day. read the note
Feb 15 Snow to Sun to No Snow. read the note
Feb 08 No snow and none in sight! read the note
Feb 01 Turkeys have come home to roost; and where's winter? read the note
Jan 25 Where's winter? read the note
Jan 17 The temp dropped to two, time for venison stew. read the note
Jan 13 Spring-like conditions and a couple of "bass hogs" attempt to ruin a nice morning of fishing. read the note
Jan 10 Counting ducks this way and that. read the note
Jan 04 A day of unexpected memories. read the note

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