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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Nature Notes for 2005

Dec 29 Winter-Spring-Winter-Spring read the note
Dec 20 The Suncook begins its winter slumber. read the note
Dec 14 Living on the edge. read the note
Dec 08 Winter is sliding in on sheets of ice. read the note
Nov 30 On the trap line with Mel. read the note
Nov 22 See-sawing on winters edge and weird compass readings. read the note
Nov 15 Leafless trees, cloudless skies and a full Beaver Moon to decorate it all. read the note
Nov 08 Deer Camp 2005- I am the forest. read the note
Oct 29 Suncook River remains in flood condition and checking deer on the opening day of the NH muzzle loader season. read the note
Oct 24 The tide keeps coming in and muted colors hang on. read the note
Oct 16 The roaring Suncook River. read the note
Oct 05 NH Turns Red! read the note
Sep 29 Pheasants galore and more today. read the note
Sep 27 Feels like fall is blowing in today. read the note
Sep 22 Summer-like for the first day of fall. read the note
Sep 13 And now for the rest of the story. read the note
Sep 06 Monarchs and more this week. read the note
Sep 01 An ill-wind blows across NH. A walk with Katrina. read the note
Aug 23 A toadaly nice day. read the note
Aug 17 How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? read the note
Aug 10 Dragon flies, mosquitos, crickets and bats....Oh my! read the note
Aug 01 The sultry summer Suncook River and one of my pet peeves read the note
Jul 26 The sunny sun dappled Suncook River and I can hear summer! read the note
Jul 15 Sweating out the summer season at last. read the note
Jul 06 Hot-cold, hot-cold, cold. read the note
Jun 30 A goosing week. read the note
Jun 27 Amy's 6th graduation and best one of all! read the note
Jun 21 Sweet summer smells, sounds and solstice. read the note
Jun 14 A bald eagle before breakfast and alewives galore. read the note
Jun 06 The heat is on, and a stampede of turtles. read the note
Jun 02 The heavens were filled with stars,satellites and summer sounds last night. read the note
May 31 05/31/50 vs. 05/31/05: 55 years and counting, plus frogs on the move, and where's the chipmunks this year? read the note
May 31 05/31/50 vs. 05/31/05: 55 years and counting, plus frogs on the move, and where's the chipmunks this year? read the note
May 27 The Suncook River is at a high flood stage, spring has stopped for two weeks. read the note
May 25 The monsoons of May read the note
May 19 Lush leaves and a banded gull. read the note
May 17 Spring slooowly sliding by and an illegal hazardous material dumping on Fish and Game land. read the note
May 12 A hat full of bear scat at my back door! read the note
May 10 Back to spring this week. read the note
May 04 Opening day turkey season check and another "ducky" day. read the note
May 03 Red maples in full bloom and a green tinge to the forest. read the note
Apr 26 From listening for grouse and turkeys at sunrise to a dancing with a fire in the sky. read the note
Apr 21 Yet another fish and frog kill on the Suncook River in Epsom, and the frog drought has ended. read the note
Apr 19 A parade of satellites and a parade of drake wood ducks. read the note
Apr 14 Peepers singing in Epsom at last, and a Bear Brook State Park habitat management fire. read the note
Apr 10 The frogs are calling, the frogs are calling! read the note
Apr 06 A singing robins starts my day and another dead deer to top it off. read the note
Apr 04 Spotted salamanders on the move Saturday night and the Suncook River is at flood stage. read the note
Apr 01 Piping plovers, alligators, lizards frogs and snakes, oh my! read the note
Mar 29 Spring life is flooding in. read the note
Mar 23 Deer yards, duck boxes and dicey ice to boot. read the note
Mar 21 A honk-honk here and a honk-honk there, geese are everywhere. read the note
Mar 17 The St. Patty's deer yard check. read the note
Mar 15 One week until spring? read the note
Mar 11 And the freeze goes on. read the note
Mar 08 Grasping for spring straws. read the note
Mar 02 Unrelenting winter. Our festive Christmas looking bushes have been turned into a Halloween look in Durham. read the note
Feb 24 Moosely Sunny read the note
Feb 15 Spring signs are scarce. read the note
Feb 09 Ducks galore and more. read the note
Feb 03 Got ducks? and Up to my waste in water in a swamp at noon. read the note
Feb 03 The new pup has arrived! read the note
Jan 31 The January thaw is over. read the note
Jan 20 The deep freeze is on. read the note
Jan 17 Finally we flew! read the note
Jan 10 Another flightless day. read the note
Jan 03 A new year and no snow for now. read the note

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