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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Saturday 05/13/2017 Fits and starts to spring

This is the second year in a row where spring just seems to be sputtering along. Here it is mid May and most of the trees here in Epsom still are without summer leaves. They are a week to ten days behind a "normal" spring by my recollection. Sure it has been great for my flowers already in bloom like daffodils and tulips. The lack of sun and heat has kept them from going by quickly. But my garden also has been on hold. I planted peas and potatoes over three weeks ago and not so much as a sprout has popped up yet.

You'd think by all these cold and seemingly dank days that we have had plenty of rain. Despite the clouds my rain gauge has been empty except for the two drenching of 9/10ths of and inch we got nearly a month ago now. In fact when I was down planting some cucumber plants this morning the soil is surprisingly dry. I'm planting some plants today in anticipation of a good soaking rain this weekend.

But we did get enough snow this winter and rain this spring to fill the vernal pools for all our frog and salamander friends I think. And clearly enough moisture to send the local farmers grassy fields shooting up pretty good. So all in all not a bad spring I'm thinking to this point. But I sure could use a little more sunshine and I think we need to warm the ground up to get my garden growing.

I've been woodpecker central the last week or more. There has been a steady whacking of the dead tips of an oak tree across from my house this past week. I did manage to get outside to sit on my front deck to take in the spring sounds. Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching a pileated woodpecker drumming away on the oaks. I've had a hairy woodpecker and I'm thinking a smaller downy out there pecking away for more than a week now.  

I had my hearing aids tuned up a couple weeks ago and had the volume button fixed so I'm actually hearing more birds this spring than I have in several years. Great news there.

Seeing lots of turkeys around and plenty of songbirds about as well. It just so wonderful to so much life back here about to see and hear. My lilacs, given a day or two of sun will be in full bloom as well. Yes life is good!

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