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NH Nature

New Hampshire Nature Notes by Eric Orff

Friday 05/16/2014 Poof we have leaves

A week ago it looked like leaves would never come out in this cold damp spring. Then came Monday hitting 80 degrees and poof out came the leaves. All my fruiting trees are in bloom as well. All within a week. Spring seemed to be pent up like a coiled spring and just a day or two sprang out from its cloak of winter to reveal a whole new season.

Peepers have been peeping for a couple weeks but it was yesterday that I heard my first tree frog. It was calling from the front side of my breezeway. They are called gray tree frogs but they quickly change color to blend into their surroundings. Try as I might I could not spot the frog. Now I think they can through their voices too. As despite trying to pinpoint the focus of the calls I just couldn't pin it down. So the frog and I played hide and seek much of the afternoon. I sat outside not far away reading or stood nearby as it called trying to spot it. This continued on into the evening with me heading out of the house if beckoned by his calls to try yet again for a sighting. Even after dark I thought maybe he would show himself, but to no avail. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon with a warm southern wind bathing me in the fragrance of my plum tree.

I have not heard a toad trill yet though. They should start any day. By last Sunday a few black flies were about as my whole family gathered at my Mom's house late morning to help me "get something in the ground". My daughter helped me with the rototilling and within an hour had the ground ready for some seeds. Both of my granddaughters were quick at helping ten year old Katie drawing furrows to plant in with a hoe and soon to be eight year old, Erin, carefully dropping cucumber, pea and bean seeds in the furrows. My 90 year old mother took her place in a lawn chair the girls brought out to oversee the whole project and coach us as we tilled and planted. By morning's end radishes, zucchini and pumpkins were all in the ground as well. I did managed to get down another evening to put another row of peas in as well as two rows of potatoes and a row of corn. So the garden too has been transformed this past week. All is well here.


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